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I simply want to inspire, encourage and help others. In a world where social media makes everyones lives seem perfect, I want to be real and share real stories. I want you to know that what you are going through is important and God cares about every single worry you have. He is just as concerned about your “everyday” struggles as He is your “epic” struggles. I pray that I will convince you to keep pushing through your current situation, stay strong, don’t give up and take ONE MORE STEP

I am first of all a child of God. I was saved at the age of 8. I am the epitome of what I call a “church” kid. I’ve grown up in the church and in a home where our lives literally revolved around church and the things of God. However, my life has not been the normal. It has not been what it seems from the outside looking in, which I will share from time to time. I won’t scare you with all of the details now. 


I am married to Allen, who is my best friend in the entire world. God sent Him to me and no one will ever convince me otherwise. He makes me laugh and always makes me feel safe. He is not a “church” kid but has completely and utterly fallen in love with God and anything to do with the things of God. I lovingly call him “Wayne,” which is his middle name. It just kind of happened one day and it stuck!


I am the mamma to one very strong willed 19 year old daughter named Emily, who we call Mimi. She loves Jesus and is cultivating a calling in her life right now. She loves all things Kate Spade or Apple. She is sassy and sweet and loves people! 


I am also the mamma to one funny, wild, and loving 14 year old son, named Jaxon. There is no other kid in the world like him, I promise. He skateboards, rides bikes, solves rubiks cubes and any other off the wall activity you can imagine. He makes me belly laugh daily. He loves to do anything active and has a huge heart for others.

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